We are fortunate to have a broadband enabled telephone exchange that, as far as I know, means that anyone in the village can get a broadband.  Fibreoptic broadband is also available in Cheddington, which can give you much faster internet speeds.

To take full advantage of Broadband, you will need to 'sign up' with a broadband provider.  There are many of these in the marketplace - from supermarkets such as Tesco, national specialist providers such as TalkTalk, and one source (Utility Warehouse) has a broker living here in Cheddington. 

But, having got it, what can we do with it?


Broadband opens up all sorts of opportunities for village groups to use the Internet to communicate with members of the group and others in the village. Lots of groups now have either their own websites or pages on this website.

If your group would like to add information to this website .


Running a business from home, or home working, is so much more effective with a broadband connection. And all businesses based in Cheddington are entitled to a free page on this website, .


Keep in touch with friends and relatives around the world, send them a Cheddington EPostcard or invite them to keep up to date with what's going on by visiting this website regularly. Get free worldwide phone calls using VOIP technology - try Skype!

Trace your family history

Get information about national government services at DirectGov.

Watch BBC news on your PC.

Take part in the BBC Climate Change Experiment

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