Cheddington Methodist Church

Cheddington Methodist Church

Minister: Rev. Donna Broadbent-Kelly - Tel: 01525 240589

We welcome everyone to come along to our church to share in our worship and other activities. Services begin on Sundays at 10.30 unless otherwise stated. The church is also open for prayer before each morning service.

Our church is one of 18 in the Vale of Aylesbury Methodist Circuit, whose website can be accessed via the link on the right.

We welcome Donna Broadbent Kelly as our new Minister from 1 September 2017. We wish her
and her family well as they begin their life in the Aylesbury Vale Methodist Circuit


Hello Friends. 

Easter really is a lovely time of year.  The lambs have been in the fields now for a few weeks, and the daffodils have been adding that much needed colour to the garden. Easter is also a time for us to get away.  After the ups and downs of Holy Week when I’ll be juggling services and childcare, a break away from it all will be much needed.  Norfolk is one of our new found places to visit.  The waterways and wetlands that make up the Norfolk Broads are just stunning. The sandy beaches of course are a hit with the children and the dog. Last Easter we found this most stunning beach, it was a beautiful day but still a bit breezy. It had been a bit of journey, a few arguments along the way between the kids and with the Sat Nav, so we were all ready for a bit of fresh air and quiet.

We sat eating our picnic on some rocks and it was just silent, the sea was far out so we couldn’t even hear that.  There was no-one else around – and it was ever so peaceful.  As we sat there I wondered about those first disciples that had heard the news on Easter day that he was risen.  It must have been a time of excitement, confusion as well as celebration.  At the end of John’s Gospel, it tells a beautiful story of the disciples sitting and eating breakfast on the beach with Jesus. There is a beautiful sense of calm and peace amongst all the rushing about. Jesus goes on and tells them what they must do and the ministry that they are called to. 

Whilst it was lovely to sit and be still, it soon came time to move on and go back home, back to the work that God had called me to do and back to busy diaries.  So we packed everything up and headed back to the car.  As we walked back, we still didn’t see anyone around. It was getting quite peculiar to be honest.  As we put the last of the things into the car, Dave noted a sign.  It read… Welcome to the Nudist Beach.  We never quite know where we are going to end up do we, those first disciples didn’t know where they would end up when they answered the call from Jesus to ‘follow me’, and neither do we! When we set off on our journey I would never have thought I would feel God’s presence on a nudist beach but I did!

Whatever you get up to this Easter, may you find those moments of peace and feel God’s presence. But remember if you follow of call of Jesus, you might also be surprised where you find yourselves and where you find his presence.

With blessings


Sunday 1st March Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly 
Sunday 8th March

No Service at Cheddington but United Service at Wingrave Methodist Church – Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly  

Sunday 15th March 3.30 pm  Messy Church
Sunday 22nd March Local Arrangement
Sunday 29th March Donna Broadbent Kelly – United Communion Service with St Giles
Sunday 5th April Dr Dawn Edwards
Sunday 12th April Easter – United Service at St Giles – Rev Andrew Krauss 
Sunday 19th April 3.30 pm  Messy Church
Sunday 26th April Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly

For all parents/carers of per-school children and babies, join us in the Chapel schoolroom on Monday mornings 9.15 – 11.00 during term time for a gentle start to the week. There are toys, activities and refreshments (including toast!) and a warm welcome.   Tel Nicola 662010 or Janet 660205 for more information.

OPEN DOORS – Friday morning 10.30 a.m – noon at the Methodist Chapel.
This is an opportunity for village people to meet/socialise each Friday morning and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit/cake. Contact Jeanne 662876 for more information.

For those people with hearing aids, we have an induction loop system installed and working in the chapel.

Schoolroom Bookings: For all enquiries, please contact Janet Banham,  Tel. 660205 or email .

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