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When I met Joe he as a little old man, pushing 100 years, barely five feet tall, one ear removed because of cancer, partially sighted and very deaf. He was nothing to write home about, until you listened to the whispers delivered in hushed but awesome tones by his friends. His life was almost worthy of a novel but one fact stood out which made this old man incredible.

On July 1st 1916 Joe was amongst the allied troops sent over the top on the first day of what became known as the Battle of the Somme. It was a day of incredible casualties some 60, 000 British with 20,000 losing their lives. Then to this you need to add the French and German victims of the day. Joe walked from the battlefield uninjured and 90 years later still could not talk about it and continued to have regular nightmares until he died aged one hundred one and a half. On Remembrance Sunday he would come to church wearing his medals and his regimental beret mindful of his friends who he left behind on that blood spattered field. To any who would listen Joe would simply state that war, in any form, is a terrible thing, creating victims, regardless of which side might ultimately claim victory.

His story reminds us that Remembrance should be a solemn time as we remember the sacrifices made in conflicts past. There is a great importance in stopping and being silent as we reflect that the impact of former and current conflicts continues for decades in the lives of those who bear the scars, be they physical or emotional. We have seen some of this in the responses of ex-service personnel to the somewhat chaotic attempts to remove people from Afghanistan in August. People who gave so much who, if they remained, would be in fear of their lives. So many people who put their lives at risk to protect others who hopefully have discovered a warmth of welcome here and will continue to be valued and supported into the future. 

Hopefully Remembrancetide reminds us all that this, as Joe, did for so many years, is a time to pause and remember with thankfulness those who served and paid the ultimate price, and those left behind still bearing wounds, that for some have lasted decades, of conflict. The two minute silence is one of the most poignant moments on the calendar inviting us to never forget the likes of Joe, his friends and so many others  who when the call came responded and bravely went to protect  freedom.





 We welcome everyone to come along to our church to share in our worship and other activities. Services begin on Sundays at 10.30 am unless otherwise stated.


 Sunday 3rd October Local Arrangement
 Sunday 10th October Harvest Festival Service at St Giles Church
 Sunday 17th October Rev Dr Hayford Ofori-Attah - Communion
3.30pm  Messy Church
 Sunday 24th October Mr Richard Maguire
 Sunday 31st October Rev Dr Hayford Ofori-Attah
 Sunday 7th November Rev Irena Byron
 Sunday 14th November Remembrance Sunday – 10 am Service of Remembrance at St Giles and then at The War Memorial.
 Sunday 21st November 3.30 pm  Messy Church
 Sunday 28th November Mr John Shaw

For all parents/carers of per-school children and babies, join us in the Chapel schoolroom on Monday mornings 9.15 – 11.00 during term time for a gentle start to the week. There are toys, activities and refreshments (including toast!) and a warm welcome.   Tel Nicola 662010 or Janet 660205 for more information.

OPEN DOORS – Friday morning 10.30 a.m – noon at the Methodist Chapel.
This is an opportunity for village people to meet/socialise each Friday morning and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit/cake. Contact Jeanne 662876 for more information.

For those people with hearing aids, we have an induction loop system installed and working in the chapel.

Schoolroom Bookings: For all enquiries, please contact Janet Banham,  Tel. 660205 or email .

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