Cheddington Methodist Church

Cheddington Methodist Church

Minister: Rev. Donna Broadbent-Kelly - Tel: 01525 240589

We welcome everyone to come along to our church to share in our worship and other activities. Services begin on Sundays at 10.30 unless otherwise stated. The church is also open for prayer before each morning service.

Our church is one of 18 in the Vale of Aylesbury Methodist Circuit, whose website can be accessed via the link on the right.

We welcome Donna Broadbent Kelly as our new Minister from 1 September 2017. We wish her
and her family well as they begin their life in the Aylesbury Vale Methodist Circuit


Hello friends,

Often June is the time of year when we start thinking about going on holiday, visiting family and day trips. Having three children I know the joys and challenges that car journeys can be. The question “are we there yet?” begins as you just emerge out of the village; the fighting in the back seats over who has the most room; the cry of “I need a wee!” as you just pull back onto the motorway after an hours stop at the services and having asked 3 times if anyone needs to go to the toilet! And that’s not to mention the traffic jams in the heat of the day and the Satnav that navigates you to a river and expects you to drive across it.

I have often thought about that journey that Noah and his family (and a whole host of animals) went on. I’m sure on that boat there were cries of “are we there yet?” and an argument or two, and I bet Noah too doubted the journey God was sending him on. The Noah’s Ark story reminds us that we are all on a journey; a life journey, a journey that will be both physical and mentally challenging. Noah was mocked for building an Ark, yet it was those on the Ark that survived the great flood. Noah had to keep his wits about him and navigate his way through some very tricky paths no doubt, and the journey ahead wasn’t very clear.

Often journeys can lead us to unexpected places, and we can find ourselves somewhere where we didn’t think we would end up. Sometimes we know the place that we are journeying to, but often the path that we take to get there isn’t what we expected as there are diversions and other distractions! My mum is notorious for going off route when she sees a sign for a garden centre; as a child this often resulted in me and my brother having plants sat on our laps the rest of the car journey…but these plants still grow in her garden today and she remembers the journey that we were on when we found them.

Enjoy the journeys that you take this month wherever they may lead you.

With blessings 


Sunday 3rd June Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly - Communion
Sunday 10th June Rev Wallace Edwards
Sunday 17th June Mr John Shaw
Sunday 24th June Rev Helen Kirk
5 pm Circuit Open Air Service at Swanbourne
Sunday 1st July 3.30 pm Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly – Messy Church
Sunday 8th July Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly – Communion
Sunday 15th July Mr John Shaw
Sunday 22nd July Local Arrangement
6 pm Rev Helen Kirk - Circuit Service at Aylesbury Methodist Church
Sunday 29th July Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly – United Service
Sunday 5th August Mrs Frankie Fisher
Sunday 12th August United Service at St Giles
Sunday 19th August Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly - Communion
Sunday 26th August 10.00 am Service at Wingrave

For all parents/carers of per-school children and babies, join us in the Chapel schoolroom on Monday mornings 9.15 – 11.00 during term time for a gentle start to the week. There are toys, activities and refreshments (including toast!) and a warm welcome.   Tel Nicola 662010 or Janet 660205 for more information.

OPEN DOORS – Friday morning 10.30 a.m – noon at the Methodist Chapel.
This is an opportunity for village people to meet/socialise each Friday morning and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit/cake. Contact Jeanne 662876 for more information.

For those people with hearing aids, we have an induction loop system installed and working in the chapel.

Schoolroom Bookings: For all enquiries, please contact Janet Banham,  Tel. 660205 or email .

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