Cheddington Methodist Church

Cheddington Methodist Church

Minister: Rev. Donna Broadbent-Kelly - Tel: 01525 240589

We welcome everyone to come along to our church to share in our worship and other activities. Services begin on Sundays at 10.30 unless otherwise stated. The church is also open for prayer before each morning service.

Our church is one of 18 in the Vale of Aylesbury Methodist Circuit, whose website can be accessed via the link on the right.

We welcome Donna Broadbent Kelly as our new Minister from 1 September 2017. We wish her
and her family well as they begin their life in the Aylesbury Vale Methodist Circuit


Hello Friends,

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we begin to think about love and relationships; and perhaps begin to wonder if we will get a valentines card this year. It is part of our natural instincts to love and be loved. But love is not always easy. 

Some of you may have seen or heard of the television show, Love Island.  They gather together a group of young, attractive men and women and put them in a hotel and watch them like Big Brother.  At different points in the show they have to pair up and those who aren’t matched either have to take a partner from somebody else or they are asked to leave the show – or something like that!  But basically they switch and swop partners throughout the series in order to win a cash prize at the end. The relationships that form are short lived, strategically matched, selfish and often there are tears and tantrums.  They engage in a love that is concerned only about the self. And yet, many still strive for this type of love.

I recently dusted off a book by an Anglican Priest Rachel Mann called In The Bleak Mid-Winter.  In it I found these wonderful words…
'Our God does not promise us an easy ride; our God only promises to be with us till the end of the age. Our God's self-offering of love is not sentimental, easy or cheap. It is the profoundest desire for our flourishing and growth into the like-ness of Christ. It is the self-offering of the one in whom, if only we dare meet them, we shall find our deepest, richest selves'.

God’s love for us promises that despite everything he will be with us and will love us.  Gods desire is that we will grow and flourish and be the best that we can be, because God already knows the best of us and wants us to recognise that too. Love is self-giving rather than self-loathing.  Love is a feeling, an emotion, and an action.  Love can heal and wipe away the tears. Love is restorative and brings hope.  Love can challenge but at the same time encourage. But to accept love and to be loved, we first have to love ourselves. We will only accept that we are loved by someone else if we believe that we are worthy to be loved in the first place, and God tells us that we are worthy. 

This February may you know how loved you are, may you know that you are worthy of love and may we strive for love like God offers us in the relationships we have.

With blessings



Sunday 2nd February Mr John Bush
Sunday 9th February Rev Wallace Edwards
Sunday 16th February 3.30 pm Messy Church – Rev Richard Atkinson
Sunday 23rd February Mr John Shaw
Sunday 1st March Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly 
Sunday 8th March

No Service at Cheddington but United Service at Wingrave Methodist Church – Rev Donna Broadbent Kelly  

Sunday 15th March 3.30 pm  Messy Church
Sunday 22nd March Local Arrangement
Sunday 29th March Donna Broadbent Kelly – United Communion Service with St Giles

For all parents/carers of per-school children and babies, join us in the Chapel schoolroom on Monday mornings 9.15 – 11.00 during term time for a gentle start to the week. There are toys, activities and refreshments (including toast!) and a warm welcome.   Tel Nicola 662010 or Janet 660205 for more information.

OPEN DOORS – Friday morning 10.30 a.m – noon at the Methodist Chapel.
This is an opportunity for village people to meet/socialise each Friday morning and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit/cake. Contact Jeanne 662876 for more information.

For those people with hearing aids, we have an induction loop system installed and working in the chapel.

Schoolroom Bookings: For all enquiries, please contact Janet Banham,  Tel. 660205 or email .

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