Cheddington Parish Plan

On 3 December 2003, after wide consultation in the village, the Cheddington Parish Plan was finally issued.

Parish Plans are part of the 'Vital Villages' programme being run by the Countryside Agency.

Vital Villages offers a range of grants and advice to rural communities to help them take action on many issues. It was launched following the Government's Rural White Paper, Our Countryside, which was published in November 2000. The Countryside Agency would like to help 1,000 communities produce a Parish Plan by 2004 and has given a grant to Cheddington P.C. to assist in the production of our Plan.

What is a Parish Plan?

 It is a document outlining how a community sees itself developing over the next few years. It identifies local problems and opportunities and sets out a view for the future.

We've done all this before!

Cheddington Action 2000 Village Appraisal was an initiative completed in 2000. Our Parish Plan carries this forward and updates it.

Will it have any practical value?

It will be a solid basis for influencing bodies whose activities cover Cheddington. For instance, Thames Valley Police, Bucks.C.C. [education, highways, social services], Aylesbury Vale District Council [planning, housing, refuse collection], utility service providers and other organisations. It will give strong support to Cheddington organisations seeking grants and other aid from outside bodies [including Vital Villages]. It will highlight that individual projects are in line with the overall Parish Plan.

What's in it?

  • The results of the questionnaire, circulated with the Newsletter and analysed in 2003.

  • A summary of the comments at the Open Day in the Village Hall in February 2003.

  • The future of Cheddington School and businesses in the village.

  • The future plans of 27 village organisations, clubs and societies.

  • Outside influences including train services, utility providers activities, policing, nearby developments and demographic changes.

  • Strategic planning proposals, including housing, as they will affect Cheddington.

  • A listing of actions.

You can download a PDF version of the Plan by clicking on the link at the right.


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