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Jazzercise is a 60-minute group fitness class combining cardio, strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout. We've taken moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing, and resistance training and bundled them into one hour. All ages, levels, and sizes welcome so come join us today!

Classes are held at:

• Wilstone Village Hall - Monday 9.30 am, Tuesday 6.00 pm (Low Impact), Wednesday 9.30 am (Strength), Thursday 9.45 am (Low Impact), Friday 9.45am and Saturday 9.30am 

• Cheddington Village Hall - Monday 7.00 pm and Tuesday 9.45 am 

• Pitstone Memorial Hall - Wednesday 7.30 pm

• Tring - Tuesday 7.30 pm (Goldfield Infants School), Wednesday 11.30 am (Nora Grace Hall) and Thursday 7.30 pm (Goldfield Infants School)

How many calories will I burn? You'll burn up to 800 calories in a 60-minute Jazzercise class! Not sure what Jazzercise is? Come along for a try out!

What results can I expect? Every Jazzercise class combines cardio moves to enhance endurance and burn mega calories, strength training to define muscles and strengthen your core, and stretching to increase flexibility. You will get a total body workout while blasting fat and having fun!

About Keri Donnellan
I became a Jazzercise instructor in March 1993, after finding an exercise program that I loved and suited me down to the ground. No-one cared what I looked like (3 stone heavier than now), nor did they care if I got it wrong. Everyone was there to have the same fun and get fit. I became a substitute instructor, which means I covered for other class owners when they were on holiday or ill, sometimes travelling up to an hour and a half to go and teach class. After 15 years of working for other people, I had my daughter, and decided to become a class owner myself. My classes started in Tring & Aylesbury in September 2006, with me teaching 6 classes a week and now I run 27 classes a week!

So if you want to see why it's so successful, then please find a class near you ( and come along to see for yourself. Hopefully it will be just what you are looking for as it was for me all those years ago!

For more information on Jazzercise contact Keri Donnellan on 07900 987230 or email at  

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