Townlands Trust

The trust was set up in May 1895 and decreed that annual income from the Trust's investments should be divided into three equal parts:

      • One third to go to the Parish Church of Cheddington


        One third to go towards helping projects which benefit the community or parts of the community


        One third to go towards helping individuals living within the Parish.

Today this last third is broken down as follows:

Grants to students in further and higher education for financial help with costs towards educational materials and equipment;

Grants in exceptional circumstances to individuals for help towards costs of heating and lighting;

Assistance from funds to help with transport for individuals with medical needs who have difficulty travelling to and from local medical centres or hospitals;

Financial assistance to help individuals progress a project or enterprise which may be educational or charitable or to help with special needs.

The Trustees normally meet four times a year and welcome applications from individuals, societies or clubs from within the Parish which meet the criteria set out above.

Each application is decided on its own merits and is subject to sufficient funds being available for disbursement.

Applications should be sent to:

Mrs Pat Banister,
2 Church Lane,
Leighton Buzzard

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