Neighbourhood Watch

Cheddington Neighbourhood Watch

Gail Steed - Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
Contact on 0798 9779 402

NHW has moved on from the days of curtain twitching and plays an important part in our village lives. In Cheddington we have a very active NHW group with Coordinators covering most areas of the village. The role of your area coordinator is to pass on information they receive from the local police regarding any crime or illegal activity that is or has been occurring in the local area. This information is passed to the coordinator by either e-mail or telephone message.

Being made aware of what is happening around us or in the village makes everyone more aware and vigilant. In addition to this we have a Cascade system in place which is a telephone alert system. This works if there is a incident in the village or rouge traders knocking doors. A telephone message is passed out to all of the coordinators who then pass the information onto their covered areas. This has been used effectively in the past and means we can pass a message to all residents of the village in a short space of time.

As a group we meet once a quarter to discuss crime rates and activity in the village. If you are interested in becoming a coordinator for your street then please contact me. We also have a supply of security information and window stickers which are free to anyone who requires them.

Our Email address is: - Please report any crime or suspicious behaviour to the police. If appropriate, residents can also pass this information on to Cheddington NHW so that village members are made aware through a very effective cascade system

Gail Steed
Mobile 0798 9779 402