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To contact the Society, or to get details of our excellent 2010 book "Voices of an English Village - Cheddington" with memories of the Second World War, you can email the Chairman John T Smith at:   

          johntsmith  followed by  @  followed by

(many of you will know why I put the address in this form).  Please include CHS somewhere in the subject line.

Meetings in 2015 and 2016

You are welcome to attend meetings of the Society, which are normally held at 8 p.m. on the third Monday of the month, at the Methodist Church Room facing the Village Green.   We welcome members at a fee of only £10 per person for a year, and we have a reduced rate for young people in education.  A visitor's fee of £3 is made for a single talk.

September 21st 2015 AGM, followed by The First Geologists in our area - early C19 people and places, including William Smith, the father of Geology (Peter Banham)

October 19th 2015 Digging for Victory: Gardening and Allotments in Wartime’ (Colin Oakes)

November 16th 2015 A Cheddington Rector and his Family – Rev John Ashley Broad who served Cheddington 1904-1921 (John T Smith)


January 18th 2016 Cheddington Airfield – the 8th in the East, a project on the American use of WW2 airfields (David Cain) This is a Joint Meeting with Wigginton History Society

February 15th 2016 Two Victorian Houses in the Chilterns - Hughenden and Cliveden (Adam Smith)

March 21st 2016 Tring Local History Museum and its Collections (Tim Amsden)

April 18th 2016 Tracing an Illegitimate Ancestor - and a naughty Duke (Griselda Gifford)

May 16th 2016 Members’ Evening

SUMMER OUTINGS (Dates to be arranged)
Visit to Tring Local History Museum
Visit to Hughenden Manor

September 19th 2016 AGM

October 17th 2016 To Be Advised

November 21st 2016 Cheddington and Domesday, before and after (John T Smith) .

                                                                         John T Smith, Cheddington History Society


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