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To contact the Society, or to get details of our excellent 2010 book "Voices of an English Village - Cheddington" with memories of the Second World War, you can email the Chairman John T Smith at:   

          johntsmith  followed by  @  followed by

(many of you will know why I put the address in this form).  Please include CHS somewhere in the subject line.

September 2019 to December 2020

16th September 2019       AGM and talk: Cheddington Women Who Got the Vote in 1918
                                            – and Those Who Didn’t - Linda Smith         

21st October 2019             The Curious Disappearance of Major Glenn Miller – An Abiding

                                            Mystery from WW2  -Tony Eaton             


18th November 2019         Emigration to Vancouver via Cape Horn, 1825 – A Classic Voyage to

                                            a New Land - John Flewin


20th January 2020            The Story of the Wicked Lady – Wicked for Need or Greed or Not

                                           wicked at All, plus a Highwayman – Neill Sankey     


20th February 2020          The History of Stewkley – We hope to have a village walk there –

                                           Jill Scott


16th March 2020               The Recent Flight over Cheddington adds to our Village History

                                             - Dr Ed Peveler. This uses the latest LIDAR techniques which

                                               can reveal clues for the uses our ancestors made of the area.

 20th April 2020                 Rothschild Estate Buildings in Aylesbury Vale – Will Include those

                                          in Cheddington – Cathy Soughton


18th May 2020                  Hartwell, Georgian Parks and Gardens – Landscape Garden created

                                          around 1730, then swept away in the 18th Century – Adam Smith


Two Visits in the Summer period – to be arranged


21st September 2020        AGM, followed by film clips of British Life in 1928-29


19th October 2020            The Great Stink – From Medieval Cesspools to the Victorian

                                          Sewerage Systems We still Rely on Today – Tom Crook


16th November 2020        Salisbury Hall and the de Havilland Mosquito Museum - near

                      London Colney and the First Aviation Museum in 1959 – Alistair Hodgson

You are welcome to attend meetings of the Society, which are normally held at 8 p.m. on the third Monday of the month, at the Methodist Church Room facing the Village Green.  


                                               John T Smith, Cheddington History Society


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